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As part of my project requirements, I must fundraise and/or solicit donations for the materials I will need to use to build the float. I am accepting donations of money and materials for the float, and for the fundraising portion, I chose a fundraiser where people would get something useful if they made a purchase. My mom has used Rada knives since she bought them from another scout selling them over 10 years ago, and she really likes them, so I am selling Rada Cutlery.

If you would like to help support my Eagle Project by making a donation or purchasing some of the Rada products in the catalog, I would be very grateful. Any funds left over once the float is completed will be donated to Green Pup to provide additional support for the great work they do.

My Project

gp_logoThe project I chose to work on is to build a parade float for Green Pup Shelter, a dog rescue group that my family and some of our friends have worked with. We adopted our most recent dog, Hershey, from Green Pup last year.

When my family was picking up three dogs to foster for a few weeks last summer, one of the shelter managers mentioned that she wished they had a parade float so they could advertise the rescue group in local parades, and that’s where the idea came from.


Who Benefits?

Who benefits when a dog is rescued?  The dog, of course. He or she finds a family, finds love, and finds a forever home. But the person or family adopting them benefits as well. Just a few of the benefits that come from dog ownership are listed below.

  • Dogs keep us calm.
  • Dogs increase our task performance.
  • Dogs can increase our social circle.
  • Dog ownership keeps the doctor away.
  • Dogs can improve our self-esteem.

(Benefits gathered from the web.)

About Me

tedHello, my name is Ted Martinek. I am currently a Life Scout from Antioch, Illinois, and I am working on my Eagle Scout rank. I am a member of Troop 87 in Lindenhurst, Illinois, and I will graduate from Antioch Community High School this spring. After graduation, I will be joining the U.S. Army and then continuing on for Airborne training.

Scouting has been a big influence in my life – from when I was in First Grade up to the present. As part of my Scouting experience, I have served in various roles as a youth leader in my Troop, I have trained other scouts in skills and leadership, and I have been a staff member at our Scout Reservation during the summer. In Summer 2015, I joined a group of volunteer scouts from the Order of the Arrow and spent a week helping fix and maintain trails and portages in the Boundary Waters area in Northern Minnesota, and then we followed that up with a week-long canoe trip we planned. Overall we travelled over 100 miles by canoe in those two weeks.

Scouting has helped build a foundation in my life that will help me succeed in no matter what I choose to do in the future.

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